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Self-guided Tours

Explore Hirado’s rich history around the old port

  • History of Hirado Port and the Matsura Clan
  • Matsura clan’s castle, towering above the Hirado Strait
  • Enjoy the Lord’s private garden during special openings
  • Gaze at art and history in the last lord’s residence
  • Walking the old streets of Hirado


Tour the Hidden Christian related heritage sites located amidst Hirado’s spectacular scenery

  • Hirado, the first town that St. Francis Xavier visited in Nagasaki
  • Bring your camera for a walk around Kasuga village
  • Cross Ikitsuki Bridge to Ikitsuki Island
  • Christian heritage sites around Hirado


Unravel the history of Hirado, Japan’s old gateway to the West

  • Hirado, center of the Nanban trade
  • The Hirado Dutch Trading Post and its remains
  • Visit places related to some of Hirado’s famous historical foreign figures
  • The Dutch Bridge, incorporating new foreign technology


A journey tracing the remnants of historical whaling

  • Azuchi-Oshima Island and Ikitsuki Island are two islands with a history of whaling
  • The whaling culture in Hirado
  • Traces of the Masutomi whaling group on Ikitsuki Island
  • Traces of the whaling culture on Azuchi-Oshima Island
  • Passing down the culture of historical whaling to the present day


From Prehistoric Times to the Present Day: A Journey through the History of Port City Hirado

  • The Introduction of Rice Cultivation
  • Exchange with China
  • Eisai, the monk who brought Zen and Tea to Japan
  • 16th century: Many Chinese merchants come to trade
  • Exchange with the West
  • Flourishing Trade with the Netherlands
  • Hirado Dutch Trading Post


Hirado Okunchi Festival: Experience the history and traditions of Hirado

  • Hirado's Autumn Festival: Okunchi
  • Kameoka Shrine, dedicated to the Matsura family
  • Exploring the places related to the Hirado Okunchi Festival